Marriage hopes

THANK you to Councillor Pule for his kind words in his letter in last week’s Eastern Reporter and may I say that I happily attend all council meetings.

I remain hopeful that discussions after council meetings between councillors and residents will continue on a regular basis.

As a resident of the town, I was delighted to read Cr Pule’s account of the revitalisation happening in his home suburb of Ashfield and I am ecstatic about the progress happening within the centre of the Town of Bassendean.

Now perhaps we might hope that Eden Hill will be next in line to be given a much-needed makeover, in keeping with the development happening in the rest of the town.

I have heard the giant supermarket chain Aldi is looking to expand into WA and we just happen to have a derelict shopping centre within Eden Hill eagerly looking for a new life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our council were to be proactive in a marriage of the two?