Memorial an emotive issue

I initially supported the idea, but it was always on the understanding there would be extensive community consultation and majority support.

I very quickly realised it is an emotive issue, more so because it had been moved to the present site to accommodate the library back in the 70s and in so doing part of the memorial was sacrificed to accommodate it on the present site.

According to council minutes, a workshop was held in August 2012 at which representatives from the Eastern Region RSL and then WA president of the RSL made the decision that the present site was not appropriate for the 2015 100th celebration of the Gallipoli landings.

In this instance the council failed in its duty to consult the community by not inviting members to attend. The war memorial is an asset belonging to the people and they should have the final say.

Why is council ignoring the petition that at the very least gives the message that 500 people do not support the relocation?

If council is assuming the silent majority support the move they are seriously underestimating the community’s emotion on the issue.

I urge council to rethink its decision if it values community opinion.