Menace driver

THE writer of the letter in last week�s edition headlined �Keep heads up� should not have a driver�s licence.

If when driving, you are not aware of where your blind spots are, you shouldn�t be on the road.

You are a menace to yourself and every other road user.

As for the sweeping assertion that cyclists wobble all over the road and the implication that they can�t see where they are going because they are, as you put it �heads down, bum up� is the nonsense that a non-cyclist assumes.

I ride with probably the most radically low handlebar position of any competitive cyclist but my vision of the road ahead has never been impaired.

Some cyclists are poor riders, as are many motorists poor drivers, but don�t tar everyone with the same brush.

By the way, I at least have added my name to this response to your tirade.