Morley residents upset over lack of information regarding council boundary changes

WE register a strong protest about the amount of misinformation on the council boundary changes.

In particular, those affecting the residents of Morley north of Benara Road, which is not remaining with Bayswater but is being given to Swan council.

We made inquiries earlier on and were assured that we were going to remain part of Bayswater.

On the front page of the Reporter‘s October 28 edition, it clearly stated that the City of Bayswater in 2015 would be all of the present city, along with all of the Town of Bassendean with portions of the City of Swan and Stirling.

This is incorrect. Those of us in Morley north of Benara Road will be handed over to the City of Swan from July 1, 2015.

This not acceptable as we lose out in many ways; for example, we lose one green bin as Swan has only two unlike Bayswater that has three. In addition, we will lose free tip passes and skip bins.

Finally, there is a possible rate increase of up to 25 per cent.

We have spoken to a number of residents close by and two councillors and none of them knew about the change of boundaries.

We were told we could put in a complaint in June but as none of us knew about the changes, how could we.

Perhaps if this goes ahead, Minister Simpson will see to it that we are financially reimbursed.