No eucalyptus

I TOTALLY agree with Vince McCudden’s and his letter in the November 17 edition headlined “Check tree risks”.

I live opposite Anzac Terrace Primary School. When we built our house in 1984 there were not many trees, those that were there were small wattles and so forth.

Now we have 30-metre eucalyptus all around the oval. Only the other week one of them fell over and branches do drop all the time.

Which idiots plant these large trees? Do they not realise the dangers to people. They are not for schools but out in the bush where they pose no danger.

The large roots as thick as a man’s arm have already taken three metres of the oval as they grow towards the bore water.

The children are loosing their oval bit by bit for their sports days and other activities.

Please, please plant different trees. Surely, it is not that hard to get the information. Do something before a branch hurts or even, God forbid, kills a child.

Oh by the way, some bright persons have planted another three trees… guess what, eucalyptus.

JULIE ELLIS, Bassendean.