Not possible

I NEARLY spat out my coffee when I read about Cr Sutherland trying to bring back that old underground power chestnut.

Bayswater residents will remember Mayor Sylvan Albert was elected to council, spruiking he would bring free underground power to city streets.

Surely he realised this was not likely, as both of the other suburbs I have previously lived in achieved underground power through the ratepayers chipping in thousands, even with enormous subsidised assistance. Free underground power is just not possible.

Five years ago, the council decided not to bother applying for a subsidy for underground power. Mayor Albert knows ratepayers will be confronted with the truth if asked to chip in, as all other ratepayers in suburbs with underground power have been required to do.

It’s a shame the glory days of Mayor Terry Kenyon are over because the City of Bayswater is now a hatchling nest for Liberal politician wannabes who would rather splurge a million ratepayer dollars on ethereal Liberal government dreams than get on with the job of serving its constituents.