Not so good days

Do you walk around shopping centres with your eyes closed?

There are lots and lots of obese seniors getting around on gophers, wheelchairs and rickety knees, including me.

I’m a senior whose childhood was filled with ‘go outside and play’. Most adults’ attitude in those days was that children were to be seen and not heard.

We had lots of heavy puds and mashed potatoes because fruit was in short supply. In addition, the lolly shop was next door to my house and there were plenty of youngsters imbibing there.

Contrast this with children today who get lots of sport and exercise at school, and more food choices.

I mean, who then had ever heard of an avocado or a mango?

On the whole, children today are treated with respect and individualised attention and the education system features modern learning methods instead of slates and messy nib pens. I know which generation I would choose if I could live it again.