Ode for city

I ATTENDED the City of Bayswater’s meeting regarding the special meeting of council for the appointment of council members to the various committees.

Your reporter may have given you a summary of the happenings, but I was disappointed at some of the views held by some of the councillors toward the volunteer members of these long-standing committees.

Therefore, here is my ode.

Sally Palmer, Noranda

YOU that delight in a City’s tale

Come listen to this and you will wail.

For come the first meeting of all of the council

To show their support of all the people.

An agenda of meetings was offered to all

committees involving the young and the old.

Instead, this agenda was a devilish trick

To rid the City of the people’s link.

Instead, it’s advised to defer or disband

And for every motion, up went a hand.

No people wanted for skating or trikes

No volunteers needed for seniors or parks.

Defer or disband was the call of the night

And councillors voted as was their own right.

Let’s save us a dollar and boot out the people

No volunteers needed ” no need for the people.

No need for the people ” young or old

No need for the councillors ” oddly cold.

But Terry and Barry and Alan kept going

Fighting for people ” still fighting for people.