Opinion: Be aware of hidden agenda in push for same sex marriage

Beware the hidden agenda behind the SSM movement
Beware the hidden agenda behind the SSM movement

Roland Crook warns us (Opinion, September 5) about the threat of “thought policing” which will flow from the national acceptance of Same Sex Marriage.

Australia needs to honestly face the fact that there is a hidden agenda behind the push for ‘marriage equality’, already made apparent by complaints against the Tasmanian Archbishop and the experience of others in Australia and overseas who have dared to speak against the push for gay rights.

Lesbian social historian E.J. Graff, in an article in The American Prospect, stated that “same-sex marriage is a breathtakingly subversive idea”.

The person who took a leading role in drawing up the Safe Schools anti-bullying programme (now operating in Victorian Schools), Roz Ward, has admitted unofficially that this is not the real goal of the Safe Schools Coalition. In a leaked video of a speech she gave in 2014, she states:

“Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about stopping bullying.” (Van Gend, Stealing from a Child)

Van Gend warns that if we vote for genderless ‘marriage’, we will “get Safe Schools on steroids”.

A program which teaches children that the LGBTQI lifestyle is normal.

Which also directs students to sites advertising sadomasochistic bondage workshops and pornography.

Roz Ward, a proud Marxist, is careful not to frighten us with the hidden agenda which amounts to a radical undermining of the foundations of our society, dressed up in pretty rainbow colours.

Nothing will change we are told.

It’s just about love.

Think again!

Michael Charles,