Opinion: Councillors cause concern

At the Town of Bassendean council meeting in July, observers could be forgiven for thinking that some councillors adhere to tenets of “my way or the highway”.

The creation of a Project Control Group consisting of Swan Districts Football Club, the Town of Bassendean, the Department of Sport and Recreation, and LandCorp was quickly passed by council, leaving multiple questions from residents unanswered.

Why are LandCorp financing this group to the tune of $75,000 if there are (as claimed by the Mayor) no development opportunities on public land?

Is the original Development Agreement signed by our Mayor in mid 2015 still active between the Stakeholder parties of SDFC, Town of Bassendean and LandCorp?

Why are the three councillors who were and are the staunchest supporters of LandCorp’s previous plans for high density units on our reserves the only representatives of this district on the newly created Project Control Group?

It is disturbing that these same three councillors refused outright to allow any community representation on the group.

Likewise, council refused to permit the meetings of this Project Control Group to be open to the public.

I hope this gives voters pause to think when assessing councillors standing for re-election. Roll on local government elections in October.

Kathryn Hamilton,