Opinion: Selfish people have no regard for disabled

Opinion: Selfish people have no regard for disabled

I AM a new resident in the LGA area of Bayswater. I am also an advocate for people with disabilities and a “Count me in” ambassador for the disability sector.

As a person who walks many kilometres every day in pursuit of good health, I am accorded the opportunity to observe how people without disabilities can be completely selfish to the access needs and requirements of people with disabilities.

I have observed 14 vehicles parked across driveways and access points, making it impossible for people in wheelchairs to get past.

For those who are sight-impaired, this poses an additional risk when they have to walk out into the road to get past.

Parents pushing prams will be similarly endangered.

I wrote to the Mayor of the City of Bayswater some weeks ago and to date have not even had the courtesy of a response.

I wonder how this satisfies the City’s adherence to its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan?


President, National Ethnic Disability Alliance.