Opinion: Tradies should not block footpaths

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Tradesmen, whether they be from a large company or a small business, should know they are not exempt from the laws that govern blocking of footpaths.

Last week there was a tradesman working at a property a few doors down from my place.

When I came home he was blocking the footpath. I would have had to go right to the edge of the road if I had gone behind him to get around his vehicle.

This I did not do. I went up in front of his vehicle, and therefore quite up on to the property, to enable me to get around him.

Given there is a lot of usage of our footpath with a primary school at the end of the street, he should have known better and even if he did not know about the school, common sense should have told him that it is a footpath and not a parking area for vehicles.

I did not report him this time. Next time I will as he is putting lives at risk.