Opinion: Ugly units in Bassendean

There are concerns about ugly units going up in Bassendean.
There are concerns about ugly units going up in Bassendean.

I am concerned about the proliferation of ugly units being built in our town.

During my time on council, a policy stipulated that infill and unit development should be within keeping of the surroundings.

I have difficulty finding any buildings to date that are within the guidelines of that policy. If this continues it will destroy the character of Bassendean. I agree with multi-unit development near our three stations (this encourages people to use public transport) but throughout the community among some of our heritage-listed dwellings council should carefully consider design and encourage unit developments that are in keeping with the surroundings.

Council has not paid attention to parking problems developments have brought. Drive down any avenue with units and you will see many cars are parked in the street that are not wide enough.

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