Opinion: With press freedom comes responsibility

The flip side of press freedom is responsibility.
The flip side of press freedom is responsibility.

THE right to differ, to question or to protest is one of the basic rights and is at the root of knowledge, investigation and research.

May 3 was World Press Freedom Day for the fundamental principle of press freedom, to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives and to evaluate press freedom around the world.

On this occasion, we should not forget that the rights and obligations go hand-in-hand.

While exercising the right of freedom, one should not forget to uphold obligation of promoting justice, respect, peace and harmony in the community, nation and world.

As a proud Australian and member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, there is no doubt in my mind free press is a blessing for any community or nation.

But the question if the press is truly free and can truly be free remains unanswered at the moment.

Anjum H. Qaisrani

South Lake