Oval is Ours: Bassendean

THE proposed development at Swan Districts Football Oval, the BIC Reserve and the Wilson Street car park appears to be a long way off, according to (Bassendean MLA) Dave Kelly, who met with Landcorp chief executive Frank Marra on January 22.

While Landcorp is keen to see that there will be an agreement between the three stakeholders – Swan Districts, the Town of Bassendean and itself – one would have thought the ratepayers and the community were also stakeholders who should have input before any agreement is signed off for the project to proceed.

Landcorp is busy saying locals will have more green space because of increased access to Steel Blue Oval.

I would like to remind Landcorp that the football oval is currently open to the public around the clock.

If you want to watch Swannies do their footy training on a Thursday night, you will always see young children and their dads kicking footballs up the other end.

It’s just great seeing the team doing their training and the young kids having a kick of the footy.

The oval is always open to all who wish to come for a visit, a kick or to check out the historic fence.

The football oval is already a great open green space for all of us to enjoy.

CAROL SEIDEL, Bassendean.