Park despair

THE remarks made by the Mayor of the Town of Bassendean about my criticism of the giant billboard in Eden Hill amazed me.

This man was so instrumental in transforming the town centre of Bassendean that I thought surely he would see that the billboard is not the right development.

We are a fringe suburb that also craves exciting development and I believe that the money spent on Eden Hill is nothing compared to what is being spent on the town centre.

Much of the money spent in Eden Hill so far I would class as money spent on maintenance that was long overdue and even longer in coming.

The town centre will be kept alive after amalgamation with the construction of a civic garden with our war memorial at its centre ” a fabulous idea.

However, then I look at the ‘park’ as was the description the mayor gave to the grassed area around the billboard, with the rusted old speaker light, chopped trees, rubble on verges, smashed electrics box, with the billboard at the centre and I am in despair.

If the owners of the land are looking to develop for housing, why wait for three years?

We already have a bad reputation for a derelict shopping centre in Eden Hill that councillors have done nothing to address and now councillors have added this eyesore.

Councillors have now ensured a dumping ground for rubbish, far worse than the old area ever was in its 20 years as vacant land.


Eden Hill