Parking woes

COMMUTER parking in Burnside Street has grown exponentially over the past two years, and is sure to increase even further if the State Government implements its plan to charge for parking at the station.

People heading to work are fully entitled to seek a car park near the station, but at just seven metres kerb-to-kerb, this street is simply not wide enough for unrestricted parking both sides.

We have seen delivery trucks unable to get through and having to reverse a long way to get back out.

What would happen if a fire engine needed to get along the street in an emergency on a day when a commuter had parked carelessly and blocked the road?

A long-standing problem is the traffic plan that brings vehicles coming from the industrial estate via Burnside Street to get on to or across Coode Street.

However, the intersection of Burnside with Coode is so close to the blind crest of the hill that it is always a dangerous turn-out, especially with some of the excess speeds of vehicles on Coode Street.

At afternoon peak time, queues build up; drivers get impatient, and take risks.

Whoever designed this crazy plan must have worked it all out on a map without ever looking at the topography of the land, thereby failing to take any account of that blind crest.

It’s high time for the City of Bayswater to re-think this.

Nick and Kate Suess,