Parking Woes in Bassendean

WITH all the new high-rise apartment blocks, wine bar, restaurants, cafes and upgrade of our shopping centre in Bassendean one thing seems to have been overlooked, parking facilities and traffic management.

At certain times of the day, it is impossible to leave the shopping centre car park when the traffic lights are red on Guildford Road.

Street parking in the main street for temporary set-downs are been used for long-term parking and as a result passing trade suffers.

With the council making plans to develop the Wilson Street public car park (about 80 bays) and the two hotel car parks (about 100 bays) presently up for sale, parking space will be scarce in the town.

Now is the time our town planners had a good look at this problem and not after more development approvals are given.

Perhaps Bassendean Council could even copy our neighbouring City of Swan’s approach. It put an advert in the local newspaper recently calling for” community consultation” in regards to” Guildford Access and Parking Strategy”.

Where is Councillor Pule’s pedestrian crossing and traffic management for Old Perth Road, which he recommended to council in June 2015?

GERRY COLEMAN, Bassendean.