Opinion, Bayswater subdivisions

I AM not sure if Diana Nason’s opinion in her letter in last week’s edition headlined “Time to revamp” is based on ignorance or envy.

Bayswater is the subdivision Ward in the City of Bayswater – most blocks have been subdivided into two to seven houses, most double storey. The Bayswater suburb does have high-density flats and numerous retirement villages and nursing homes. In addition, several massive high-rise apartments are being built.

Agreed, some older houses are still the original size and have gardens with trees, birds and so forth suitable for families with children.

But some owners do not have the $40,000 plus expenses to subdivide or $50,000 expenses plus building cost to move into a small apartment.

That does not mean Bayswater residents are elitist. Not everyone wishes to live in a high-rise apartment suburb with no trees or gardens, traffic and parking problems and expensive strata fees.

TRUDY DEAN, Bayswater.