Opinion: Include phone number in newspaper articles

IN the last edition were a couple of articles where the only contact details for further information were, website or email addresses.

When will organisations, clubs, businesses, companies and worst of all government departments and politicians realise that even though we are in what is touted as the beaut infallible technological age, some people do not have access to the internet.

Moreover, they may not wish to use the internet, have a computer or access to one or may just have that commonsense idea that it is better to speak to a human being to get the information they need.

Even if the phone number given is a mobile, which can be very expensive for people to ring, at least it is a number that people can leave a message on, asking the person concerned to ring them back so a conversation can start.

So make sure there is a phone number too.

That way you never know, there might be more of a connection between people and not such isolation.