Plant trees

I WAS interested to hear that the City of Vincent is effectively to double the amount of tree canopy from 11 to 20 per cent. These shady trees will create passive cooling for residents.

The City is investing $200,000 next year alone to create a better environment for all the community.

One would hope that the Town of Bassendean would be inspired to have a more aggressive verge tree-planting program. While the Town has been planting verge trees, it is only sporadic and does not make up for what mature trees developers remove at an alarming rate from building blocks in Bassendean.

The area is losing its green tree canopy because of the developers’ scorched-earth policy when building homes and infilling.

I would like to see the council being more proactive in encouraging retention of suitable mature trees as part of the planning and building approval process.

Investing now on a serious tree-planting program will be seen as a huge benefit to all Bassendean residents.

The sooner people realise that mature trees are a valuable asset that can improve the value of their homes the better.

Only then will people truly see not only the economic and health benefits in owning trees but also Bassendean will again have a reputation for having a great tree canopy making the town a cooler place in which to live.

Carol Seidel, Bassendean