Please consider: local government elections. Opinion

REPORTER Sophie Gabrielle in her editorial in the October 20 edition about the low turnout of voters in the local council elections questioned whether the timing of the election was correct and commented how the ballot papers were sent late at the same time as school holidays.

I am not sure whose fault that was. However, my argument has always been that if you do not vote for your local councillors then you should not complain when things are not done.

People say that paying their rates entitles them to complain and they may have a bit of a point.

Nevertheless, given that many State and federal politicians may start their careers as local government councillors, I think people should consider what a councillor is going to be like should they pursue a political career if, when elected to council, they did not do what the community wanted because not enough people voted.

The new politician might take the attitude that the community did not care what they did when in council so why should they worry about the community now.

I agree with the final comment about making voting in local government elections compulsory. Then there might be a more active interaction between the community and councillors in all councils.