Bassendean mayoral election process. Opinion

IT is great to see Bassendean’s past mayor Tina Klein still has an opinion (Fine credentials Eastern Reporter, November 3) on local council mayoral issues.

However, I think she has completely missed the point in regards to my earlier letter headlined “Process bizarre” as I was referring to the process of electing a mayor and not singling out any individual councillor, or councillor’s character, as she seems to think.

I do not feel the need to mention any councillor by name, as it is not relevant as my point is that it is possible for any new rookie councillor to become mayor right off the bat.

As a past mayor Mrs Klein should know how very important and powerful a job it is, sometimes with a casting vote (which is essentially like two votes or a carrying vote).

Mrs Klein has many nice things to say about incoming councillor Bob Brown, which is commendable and suggests that people should read profiles on LinkedIn.

Not everybody in the community knows what LinkedIn is. Keep it simple Tina.