Points in response

I respectfully make a couple of points.

In my original letter I did start off by saying that I mostly have good experiences with bus drivers and then I pointed out issues I have with some of the drivers.

You must be very fortunate (or unfortunate ) to have nothing happen in your life that you feel strongly enough about where raising the issue via one of the various papers would be a good way of attracting the attention of the powers-that-be in the hope that something may be done.

If I read or hear something that strikes a chord with me either through a similar experience or even just something that somebody has raised and I feel they need supporting in their comment then I will do so by writing about it.

By the same token if I disagree I will also write to say so.

I write to various papers on various issues. Sometimes my comment may be a compliment/praise or it might be a complaint/criticism.

However, what ever the case may be it is purely the decision by the editor as to what is printed.

Considering there are others in the community who often write letters to various papers, get some of their letters published (none of us ever gets all our letters published) of which they can be good or bad, do you consider they too should , as you say, build a bridge and get over it?

May I suggest you build a bridge; get over it and start to think where you may be able to contribute to making Ballajura and other areas of Perth a better place by speaking out on issues that, while they may affect not just yourself, they could affect others.

If people are not willing to speak out (and take the criticism for doing so) then nothing will ever change.