Post box a gem

WHY is the red pillar post box on the corner of North Road and Surrey Street in Bassendean not heritage listed?

This magnificent piece of colonial history stands beside the old pension guard cottages built in 1856. Inscribed VR (for Victoria Regina) 1876, it could be Western Australia�s oldest red pillar box still in use today.

In Great Britain these Victorian hexagonal shaped boxes are rare and are listed as grade 2 heritage buildings so I�m absolutely astonished that this box in particular is not.

With Australia Post cutting back on operations because of online emailing, I fear for the future of this iconic landmark and would love to see it protected by been heritage listed.

With our council seeking to have our fire station, which was built in the 1930s, put on the State heritage list, perhaps it would consider fighting for the preservation of this little red gem.

I have lodged a place nomination with the State Heritage Council for it to be considered tor the State Register. I hope the Bassendean community will get behind this campaign.

GERRY COLEMAN, Bassendean.