Reason questioned

The reasons given by the Planning Department are that the buildings are derelict. The only reasons for that are that the people were denied occupancy of them.

With the shortage of housing for both indigenous people and our own homeless people, you would have thought other choices would have been made regarding these buildings.

When one considers that the original people used this and other sites, it therefore all holds a traditional cultural spiritual feeling in all the Nyungah tribes that used this area.

The death of a 15-year-old girl, as sorry as it is, over what was claimed to be a rape case from which the perpetrator was jailed, led to the closure.

It does not add up when one considers that many priests, brothers and fathers of the Roman Catholic Church used young children for their own sexual satisfaction.

Some were jailed, but I might add that no church was ever demolished for these horrendous crimes.

I only hope that the Government in all its wisdom has seen fit to house these people and not to leave it to charitable organisations to carry the burden.