Recycling vital

However, I was rather shocked to find there were no recycling bins at the markets.

I always try to educate my children to recycle wherever they are, as we do at home. Therefore, I was very embarrassed to have to tell my eight-year-old son that this was not possible. He asked why there were no recycling bins because he and his classmates were taught at school it was so important to recycle.

I was told the Town chose not to have recycling bins because it found people just threw any type of waste in the recycling bins, thereby contaminating the recyclables.

Clearly, it is absurd to suggest that providing only one bin will stop recyclables becoming contaminated.

Furthermore, the Town’s decision is not in line with our State or federal waste management policies or indeed the Town’s own environment and sustainability policies.

One has to wonder how such a decision could ever be justified?

Unless of course this is a plan to pave the way for Bassendean to move into the City of Stirling’s failed one-bin system as part of the amalgamation no one wants.

I strongly recommend that the Town increases its community waste management education, especially on recycling and immediately installs bins for recycling at all public events.