Residents alerted

WE are wondering whether the residents of Bayswater surrounding the Frank Drago Reserve are aware of the proposals put forward by Bayswater City Soccer Club for the development and expansion of its premises at the reserve.

It wrote to the council in February and subsequently sent a deputation to present its case. The other sporting groups at the reserve, namely croquet, tennis and bowls, were not informed of this approach and have not, as yet, been given the opportunity to express their opinion and concerns, although this requirement to consult the other clubs has now been acknowledged by council and will accept input from them in due course.

The soccer club wishes to create a soccer facility that would include expansion of the playing areas to FFA standards, match floodlighting to Australian standards to enable night games and increased parking, as well as a 5000-seat grandstand.

The proposal indicates the club wishes to take over the whole of the area used by the croquet club, together with parts of the tennis and bowls clubs.

In May, council recommended that it ‘consider the allocation of $60,000 in the 2014/15 budget for the development of a master plan and financial feasibility plan for Frank Drago Reserve’