Respect held

IN response to the letter headlined ‘Council circus’ in the December 10 edition, Councillor Paul Bridges’ motivation for wearing the uniform is greatly misunderstood.

He would never do this out of disrespect or grandstanding. I admire him for what he did.

He reminded council that the Bassendean War Memorial is a tribute to the countless thousands who never returned from a bitter war.

More than 700 residents voiced strong opposition to the relocation of the war memorial, but council is showing scant regard for that opinion as it ignores the valid reasons for this opposition.

Councillor Bridges is somewhat of an authority on the history of World War I and has too much respect for the uniform to denigrate what it represents.

There is no doubt he takes his responsibility as an elected member seriously and will represent all residents on issues about which they feel strongly.

Tina Klein, Eden Hill