I THINK it is indecorous for Alannah MacTiernan to stay on as Mayor of Vincent when much of her time will be devoted to campaigning for the Federal seat of Perth.

Clearly the taste for politics did not wane when she was unsuccessful getting the Federal seat of Canning, despite her words that she would not do it again.

In 2010 with the slogan ‘Let’s Get Vincent Moving’ campaign material with persuasive pledges and auspicious plans, she convinced the people of Vincent to elect her as their mayor.

Yet 21 months into the four-year term she has decided to run for Perth but is protecting her mayoral position by staying until the local government elections unless elected to Federal Parliament beforehand.

This is absurd and is nothing more than self-preservation. The people of Vincent have every right to feel deceived and abandoned.

And it will in all probability be na�ve to think all will be forgiven and forgotten any time soon.

TINA KLEIN, Eden Hill.