So many negatives

So no reduced rates, cost savings, efficiencies or economies of scale. Note the Greenough/Geraldton merger saw an immediate 25 per cent rate increase.

The demonstrated negatives elsewhere, not mentioned by the Government, are numerous.

These include party-politicised councils as per the eastern states outcomes; less responsiveness and influence on local issues at bureaucratic and elected member level; a decline in the quality of decision making given the same or fewer councillors relative to 10 times the population and huge increased workload; and community bonds weaker, if not disappeared.

Before spending and perhaps wasting millions of our money, we are entitled to a proper cost benefit analysis and an evidence-based and argued case for amalgamations ” quite apart from this being good governance and due process.

The Robson Report is not that document.

Stripping electors’ Dadour provision rights is a Third-World dictator tactic. The lie of no forced amalgamations is shameful.

If recall rights existed, that would justify a new election.

Given that and recent events (solar tariffs, Muja and Fiona Stanley mismanagement) I do not accept on trust the Government’s assertions that ‘reform’ is needed and we will be the better for it.

Is WA truly the empire of the Emperor with no clothes, where saying something is or will be, makes it so?

Perhaps, but only until the people wake up and speak up.