Still Waiting for Safer Crossing: Bassendean

IT has been six months now since Bassendean councillor Gerry Pule raised concerns about traffic management and the danger to pedestrians on Old Perth Road with the huge increase in foot traffic because of many new businesses opening and three multi-storey apartment blocks.

After Main Roads would not install a conventional zebra crossing, Cr Pule urged Bassendean Town Council to look at some kind of traffic management system to keep pedestrians safe whilst crossing this busy road to get to the shopping centre.

I think Cr Pule is justified with his concerns. However, it appears that our council does not share the same concerns, judging by its lack of action in the past six months.

Perhaps it should focus more on essential community safety issues such as this rather than trying to be a trailblazing “cornerstone of the eastern region” by pushing hard for more multi-storey apartment blocks and a big development around our oval.

Get priorities right and do not ignore and neglect responsibilities when it comes to looking after the most important asset, the ratepayers.