Such spending

IT is astonishing that Mr Ian Britza, MLA for Morley, said one of his reasons for his recent trip to the UK was to learn how the Westminster parliamentary system works, which in so doing necessitated expenditure of precious taxpayers’ dollars.

That Mr Britza was allowed to go to the UK to attain a better understanding of the Westminster system, how it works and his role in it, as a member, tells me all I want to know about the faults, failings and shortcomings of the Barnett Government and the role of Mr Britza in it.

While Mr Britza was in the UK, he was denying those he purports to represent, which includes me, their representation in the WA Parliament, which was one of the prime purposes for Mr Britza being elected into Parliament.

Given the debacle of Mr Britza’s embarrassing trip to India earlier this year, which did more harm than good, followed by the trip to UK, gives one just cause to remember the promises of Mr Britza prior to his election.

For those in the Morley electorate doing it tough, with an increasing downturn in the State economy, State Government cutbacks on the one hand and increases of State Government charges on the other, here is an example of profligate spending of WA Government money by Mr Britza.

We the public have cause to be cynical.