Time to move on

I read with dismay the letter Don’t Move War Memorial, May 13.

Despite there being a long period of public deliberation and discussion, failed petitions and an election, a small minority of residents still oppose the move.

The voters of Bassendean elected the councillors who stated that they would move the memorial.

Further, only 521 out of a possible 10,124 residents signed the petition to not move the memorial.

It is clear that those who are opposed to the move are a very small minority.

I attended the last Anzac Day service and it was clear to me that the current area around the memorial is tight.

With the merging of councils, we will need more space to cater for additional participants or else risk losing the service to another suburb that can better accommodate the increase.

In any event, the council has voted to move the memorial and that is that.

The decision has been made and it is now time to get on with other business that needs to be sorted in our town.

For example, a true blight on our town, the old Eden Hill shopping centre, still stands derelict and untouched.

Also, from the structure that has been moved to the corner of Marion Street and Walter Road in Eden Hill, it is clear that the proposed giant billboard, which has no place in our residential and school zone, is on its way.

Let’s stop wasting energy fighting decisions already made which are entirely sensible and instead now concentrate on other matters where we can make a difference.


Eden Hill