Time to revamp Bayswater. Opinion

THE real reason why people are against redevelopment in areas such as Bayswater is that they are elitist and will not share their patch.

Heritage preservation, my goodness: Bayswater looks like a disused movie lot for a B-grade western.

It is high time that areas such as this were revamped with eco-friendly, multi-use buildings to provide a vibrant hub where there is adequate infrastructure.

While locals persist in keeping old, inefficient buildings in use developers will reap premium prices where they are allowed to build.

When there is inadequate new housing in built-up areas, the bulldozers will persist in destroying our remnant bushland on the city fringes for new housing developments.

Go ahead and keep Perth in the 19th century; deny your children access to everything you take for granted and do not care about the thousands of acres of bushland being destroyed.

DIANA NASON, Nollamara.