Too many struggle

They have shamelessly increased charges and accepted at least two salary increases since they have been in power this time.

They are also, it seems, considering increasing electricity charges again, so claimed because people’s solar panels are taking some of the cream away from their coffers.

This sure indicates they have a problem managing the finances.

And all the while, people on pensions and others on low incomes are suffering; even people on higher incomes are finding it harder.

Meanwhile hospitals are grossly understaffed, as are the police, and charity groups are struggling to help the more and more people needing assistance.

Mr Barnett needs to come down to reality.

I believe (as I have predicted before and which is actually occurring) the number of robberies and other undesirable situations are only going to increase and worsen if Barnett and Co don’t swallow their egos and listen to the people who are trying to tell them.

People out here in struggle land are hurting and getting desperate.

And with all that comes even more depression and ill health.

Medicare obviously can’t cope, neither can the charity groups, Centrelink nor, it seems, the private health insurers.

Mr Barnett, you and your ministers, and your apparent attitudes, are causing struggling families and couples disharmony. The more we are forced to pay and struggle, the worse relationships and people’s livelihoods will become.

And so the worse we will consider of the Premier.