Travails of using public transport

The travails of travelling on public transport.
Stock image.
The travails of travelling on public transport. Stock image.

LIKE Michael Whitworth (Bikes take over, Eastern Reporter, August 30) I am a regular user of public transport because I do not drive.

My main use is on the buses. I agree with his comment about schoolchildren sitting down at the expense of adults. Mind you, I have also seen a schoolchild offer their seat to an adult, only for the adult to say no thanks.

However, that does not mean that all youngsters should stay seated.

What I do not like is the loudness of music devices that both children and adults use on the bus.

In spite of them having ear plugs in, the whole bus can hear whatever they are listening to.

I also do not like hearing conversations where every second word is f**k and am not interested in who did what to who and when.

In regards to trains, I usually only use them once or maybe twice a week at the most.

However, I do find it frustrating and annoying the ignorance shown by people of all ages who not only stand around the doors and therefore block people from getting on and off but also children who sit on the floor with their school bags blocking the aisle.

The school bags could be shoved partly under the seats so that they were not an obstruction.