Plant More Verge Trees: Bassendean

THERE was a letter in the paper recently from a person in Bassendean commenting on climate change, urging the Town of Bassendean to stop cutting down trees and preserving what was left.

Over the past 22 years in my street I have seen it go from having a verge tree in front of every property to only a few houses having a verge tree.

Given that if you have a verge tree it reduces the temperature in front of your house be about seven degrees, it gives birds and other wildlife somewhere to live and to take it further the tree at times can prevent a car (driven by hoons) from smashing into your house… we need trees.

It should be mandatory for every house (no matter where you live) to have a verge tree of an appropriate height for the area (for instance in suburbs where they still have overhead power lines) that does not present a problem to power supplies.

If the tree roots start to cause a problem with footpaths or the actual house and it is deemed necessary to remove the tree then immediately another tree, possibly of a different species, replaces it.

Another idea would be to allow residents to apply to their respective council for at least one tree for their property or up to five trees depending on the size of the block.