Trim shading trees

I READ that the City of Bayswater is installing solar panels at the civic centre (‘Sun shines on City’s plans’, Eastern Reporter, August 5).

I wanted to do the same but I have two verge trees shading the area where the solar panels should be. The solar company told me and had an accompanying letter to the City letting us both know that the shade from the verge trees would render the solar panels useless and only by trimming the trees would I be able to benefit from the sun’s rays and lower my carbon footprint.

The trees’ leaves also enter my roof space and as I have 38 downlights an electrician tells me that it is a high fire risk hazard with the leaves near the downlights.

I have asked and written to the City to prune the trees down to fence level so that I can keep my family safe.

The response was that I should vacuum my roof space.

My rates pay for the verge maintenance but the council does nothing about the trees. However, if the grass grows too long it is quick to send me a letter to let me know it is a fire hazard.

ERIC DICE, Bedford