We Want a Say: Bassendean Town Planning

THE attendance of so many at the recent public meeting is testament to the fact that residents in Bassendean feel neglected by the council in terms of communication and consultation.

For a number of years now, community members who attend council meetings have complained constantly about meetings behind closed doors, the constant answers by the mayor that items are confidential is wearing thin, and as such there is distrust and a lack of accountability.

Residents want to have a say in where the future of our town lies.

Not knowing causes distrust and the mayor has been given the message the community does not believe him any more.

The 2030 vision statement and Transit-Oriented Development Study were all conducted with extensive community participation and input, and this rewards a council with endorsement and acceptance as well as trust.

One issue that requires attention is Town Planning Scheme 10 – high-density development around the three Bassendean stations must be done sooner rather than later.

Urban sprawl is no longer acceptable by the people, but infill requires careful planning so as not to destroy too many, if any, trees.

I hope the council will now wake up and involve the community.

Some things are confidential, we all appreciate that, but not to the extent this council has behaved.

TINA KLEIN, Bassendean.