Why did I bother?

THERE has been much discussion regarding retirees and what they could pay for, their own health costs and so forth.

I am 72, worked until I was 68 and I am on a part pension like many other retirees, saving the taxpayer many millions of dollars in not paying a full pension.

I worked for more than 30 years without the benefit of superannuation so had to work in many remote places in hot, hard conditions without the many good conditions now provided.

And yes, my taxes went towards paying pensioners without me or any others I knew at that time complaining about pensions and benefits for retirees.

Because I stuck at it and was fortunate enough to be healthy, did not waste my money on smokes, alcohol, gambling and I saved and raised my four children, (who are all taxpayers now), I would have thought this would allow me some peace and benefit in my retirement.

Now it is argued that I, and others like me, sell off my house to pay all health costs. I do not know why I bothered so much to do what in days gone by was thought to be the right thing.

I should have smoked, drank and gambled then I would not have a problem of selling my house and would get a full pension.

Maybe all the discussion just refers to politicians’ benefits in retirement and their homes.

Name and address supplied.