Worrying list

Moreover, list all the things we do and pick those that are unsustainable; it’s a fairly long list.

It includes our large houses and all their paraphernalia, commercial airline travel, the private car, the demolition of perfectly sound buildings, nuclear power and its associated radiation and waste, desalinisation plants, the clearing of forests, innumerable luxury goods , plastic bags, the wrapping and bottling of consumer goods and finally the billions of street electric power poles… all of which have finite lives.

In addition, I mention the increasing size of humans; the ever more frequent practice of caesareans as distinct from natural births, the possible or even probable change in the shape of the female body due to this and women not only having fewer pregnancies on average but also exercising and running more than in times past.

In conclusion, I wonder if anyone somewhere is looking at the implications of at least some of those factors, let alone all of them.

Maybe that’s wishful thinking and we humans are simply and inexorably approaching our use-by date.