Wrong answer

WHAT is going on in Bassendean? Why do people think that apartments are the answer?

We can all remember the old flats in Lockridge and the horrible flats that can be seen when driving through Maylands.

Apartments are just modern day flats. Just because they are new does not mean that social disharmony will not be an issue.

We still have a terrible crime rate in the area, no CCTV or security patrols and most offences remaining unsolved.

The council has no concern for its residents´┐Ż safety and building hundreds of apartments will only cause more social problems.

On another note, those who would like the new development to take place, just imagine how you would feel when you walk out into you back yard knowing that you are on full display to those living in apartments.

Why should anyone be able to look into someone else’s back yard? Five-storey apartments mean people’s privacy will be a thing of the past.

PETER MARSH, Bassendean.