Wrong move

AT its last meeting, council passed a recommendation to go ahead with the relocation of Bassendean War Memorial despite opposition to the proposal from an estimated 700 residents.

The mayor insists the RSL has the main say: this is incorrect. The people of Bassendean paid for that memorial to honour the fallen and it was unveiled in 1920.

The relocation is opposed because the people want the memorial to remain in its present location as part of the town centre; it is viewed as extremely disrespectful to move it for a second time.

To put it on BIC Reserve could make it a target for vandalism. Council closed the Rolf Harris water playground for that reason.

The other concern is that the Town is yet to sort out land titles and purposes. Sadly, this could mean the war memorial ending up as a pile of stone at the council depot and the bowling club on BIC Reserve may have to close its bar.

Council is not listening to the people it should represent, not dictate.

Tina Klein, Eden Hill