Wrong priority

Like her, I do not have superannuation and in my case I still have a mortgage with my only income the age pension.

Mr Barnett needs to reassess his thinking when he blames the Federal Government cuts in funding for seniors concessions as the reason he has cut the cost-of-living rebate.

He says that no other State provides this benefit for their seniors. Well, the cost of living in the eastern states would be a lot less than it is here due to there being bigger populations in most of those States.

There might have been enough State money to keep the small rebate uncut if Mr Barnett had not gone ahead with things that most people did not see a need for, such as Elizabeth Quay, the stadium at Burswood and even the crushed beer can (sorry Perth Arena).

Everybody from the Premier down seems to think that seniors and pensioners need to be treated as children in the Victorian era were ” seen but not heard.

Well, I hope Margaret and others of the same courage will continue to speak out about the unfair way that pensioners and seniors are treated financially by the State and federal governments.