Home design yours to keep

Mark Peers, of Coast Homes.
Mark Peers, of Coast Homes.

Under its Custom Homes Satisfaction Guarantee, if clients enter the design process for a custom-built home with the Balcatta-based builder and feel it does not meet their expectations, the team will release the design to them to take to another builder.

Managing director Mark Peers said the offer came about because 80 per cent of their clients had previously dealt with other building companies prior to engaging Coast Homes and had to walk away with nothing.

“Unless you have built a custom home before and have actually experienced this setback, most consumers would be unaware that – despite paying design deposits – you actually don’t own your design,” he said.

“So much time can be invested working with one builder only to realise they aren’t going to be capable of delivering the design you want within your budget.”

In this situation, the client could walk away and start again with another builder, find the extra money to go forward or make sacrifices on their design, which equated to added costs and extra time.

“Why (should) you lose six to 12 months working with a builder only to risk letting your custom home design be the next one to be thrown in the bin?” he said.

“Our Custom Homes Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that if at any point we don’t meet their expectations, that the process hasn’t been an entire waste.

“We will happily hand over the design, waive the copyright and they can continue from that point with another builder of their choosing.”

Mr Peers said the offer was an industry first, designed to protect the consumer and give them a safer option.

“This is a big deal for the custom home market and it isn’t offered anywhere else, but at Coast Homes we are so confident in our team, our process and our product, and we want our clients to feel confident in that too,” he said. “This guarantee holds us accountable to deliver on the client’s objectives and ensure a positive outcome for everyone involved.”