Match for buyers who want boutique apartment

Match for buyers who want boutique apartment
Match for buyers who want boutique apartment
Match for buyers who want boutique apartment

Lloyd Clark from M/Group, Match’s parent company, said the market was divided – on one side there were a number of large-scale apartment projects, many of which were backed by first-time developers looking to maximise land availability and density opportunities.

“People are correct in being concerned about the value proposition of these projects,” he said.

“Many of them will struggle to achieve the required pre-sales and, therefore, will not go ahead.

“Match sits on the other side of the fence, focusing on unique and well-located sites for boutique projects.”

Mr Clark said boutique and distinctive developments would always attract strong buyer interest.

“Well-located apartment projects comprising 30 to 40 residences with an abundance of amenities at the doorstep will always have more appeal than large-scale ‘cookie-cutter’ environments,” he said.

“This reflects an increasing demand from owner-occupiers that include downsizers and young professional couples who don’t want to compromise their lifestyle by moving out to the large land estates in the ‘burbs’.

“These people want to live in signature spaces and developers such as Match have been actively stepping up in terms of design to ensure maximum appeal and enduring returns of investment.”

Match works with some of the city’s most respected architects and designers, including CCN Architects, David Barr Architect, Oldfield Knott Architects and Geoffrey Warn of Donaldson + Warn Architects and has successfully undertaken a series of high-profile heritage renewal projects, giving life to some of Perth’s most beautiful and historic buildings.

The company is currently behind Heirloom, the restoration of the famous Dalgety Woolstores in Fremantle, and has introduced a range of distinctively designed apartment projects to the market in various locations around Perth’s suburbs.

“We have built our business on identifying strategic sites in well-located environments and then designing signature properties that take cues from the environment and the market,” Mr Clark said.

“We have introduced beautiful products in areas such as Mt Lawley, Maylands, Perth West End, Leederville, Fremantle, Como, Port Coogee and Subiaco, with a view of enhancing the streetscape and contributing to the culture of the areas.”

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