Helloworld Travel offering African experience of a lifetime

Helloworld Travel offering African experience of a lifetime

EXPLORE travel as it used to be with Bench Africa’s Cape Town experience.

In a world where we often travel along well worn paths and follow in the footsteps of thousands, Africa offers a chance to step outside the familiar and embrace the unique.

Every day in Africa is custom made for you with no safari the same, the animals following their own desires and not the directions of a safari guide.

A city like Cape Town offers something for everyone whether it is wine you love, exotic gardens, live music, breathtaking animal encounters, peaceful sunsets or something else.

The only thing you need to do is decide what unique path you wish to explore.

Known as the “Mother City”, Cape Town was voted the world’s most beautiful city in multiple lists, including the Telegraph Travel Awards for the past five years running.

Indulge in a jazz breakfast at the Winchester Mansions and take a hike (or cable car if the breakfast was too large) up Table Mountain to see the spectacular view from the Cape of Good Hope to Robben Island, the island prison where Nelson Mandela served 18 of the 27 years he spent behind bars.

Spend time with the nearby African penguins at Boulders Beach, wander through the diverse flora of the Kirstenbosch or Company gardens, or amongst the bright architecture of Bo Kaap.

Enjoy the nightlife, taking in the food and wine that Cape Town is famous for.

Although it might seem Cape Town and an African safari would almost be opposites in terms of experience, you are simply swapping one metropolis for another, one man made for one made by the forces of nature.

Life thrives in the African wild, where the tiny dwarf mongoose gets a chance to shine alongside the mighty elephant.

The diversity of the wildlife is so vast that animals that would be national symbols elsewhere like the zebra, ostrich or the hippopotamus often play second fiddle to the lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros or giraffe.

Not to mention the bird life and the myriad of other species that make the bush their home.

Each guest on safari in Africa gets a chance to witness the amazing natural wonders our planet offers, life in all its amazing glory and brutality.

Combine this with the warmth of the African spirit and the hospitality of its people

Safe, affordable and easy to do, why not book your unique Cape Town experience today.

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For more information, visit www.benchafrica.com.