Climbing to great heights

Jordon Grey (Climbing Instructor) City Summit
Jordon Grey (Climbing Instructor) City Summit

The climbing gym is run by general manager Damien Hall.

Being one who avoids going up a ladder, climbing up a wall is not on top of my to-do list, so a challenge like this was a tough one for me.

And let’s just say no amount of chalk to help grip onto the artificial rocks could stop my palms from sweating, heart racing and pardon the pun, nerves from going sky-high.

The team put my colleague and I at ease and while I had the technique of a koala going up a gum tree, my colleague proved she would give Spider-Man a run for his money.

As newcomers, training involved a quick run through the belaying technique (a rope technique used to get your partner to the top) and once comfortable, we were free to explore the different types of climbing walls in the centre that included the Spider Wall and Dream Catcher.

With exploring came confidence and by the end of the session I had made it halfway up the six-metre free-climbing wall and that was good enough for me.

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