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Daniel Goransson on the ice.
Daniel Goransson on the ice.

Established by Harcourts Integrity owner and ice hockey player John Caputo, the UIHC is a three-game series between the Northern Stars and Southern Suns that started on October 17.

Money raised from the first UIHC will go towards Teen Challenge in Warwick, which provides long-term residential treatment and rehabilitation services for young people struggling to overcome addiction.

Northern Stars player Goransson, who started playing ice hockey when he was five, said the UIHC would bring people together while supporting the local community and the growing ice hockey community in Perth.

�It seems like Australians love their physical sports and every Aussie person I have spoken to says they love the physical aspects of hockey,� he said.

�Also, being one of the, if not the, fastest sport on Earth the hits can be hard, the moves fancy and the game is never boring since the rink is so small and the play goes back and forth all the time.

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